Axual .NET Client Documentation

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Axual.Kafka.Proxy is Axual’s .NET client for Apache Kafka, it is based on the open source Confluent .NET Client.

You can find the source code of the client in the Axual .NET Client repository, and all code snippets included in the documentation in the Axual .NET Client Examples repository in form of full runnable applications.


A computer equipped with:

.NET Standard >= v2.0 is required to use Apache.Avro

Setting up Dependencies

Start by including the dependency on the Axual .NET client library as you would do with any dependency or by adding PackageReference tag in your .csproj project.

      <PackageReference Include="Axual.Kafka.Proxy" Version="1.2.0" />
      <PackageReference Include="Axual.SchemaRegistry.Serdes.Avro" Version="1.2.0 />

You are all set to create your first producer and consumer.